The front assist should actually have regulated the speed at 18 km/h with stationary objects. But wait, there are system limits:

And here, unfortunately, it fits like a glove that the accelerator pedal had a 100% entry in the accident data memory. Incidentally, I’ll leave the long list of exceptions here unabridged to raise awareness of the reliability of this assistant.

Readout options of the manufacturer

Getting hold of this data was only possible with great effort. As other accident victims are still waiting for this data, I would just like to explain in a direct exchange how I got it so that the manufacturer does not close this path. But here is the result for now: as I suspected, there was no warning at all at the time of the accident that I could have overruled.

I described the advance warning from May 29, 2023 in the section before the accident, so I can fully understand it. But at the time of the accident, the front assist did not recognize a dangerous situation.