After I bought my vehicle in February, I went to the garage to have some abnormalities checked.

  1. the instrument cluster display lit up red for 200ms.
  2. Lane Assist corrected the lane although the vehicle was being driven in the center of the lane.
  3. The brakes did not brake evenly. Significantly more pressure had to be applied shortly before coming to a stop.
  4. The reading light came on automatically.

A test drive with a workshop employee revealed that he found everything to be ok. A diagnosis was not carried out and the sensors were not checked. A workshop appointment for the repair of the reading lamp was arranged for 30.05.2023.

The evening before the appointment, a friend was driving the car in Drive Mode B and with ACC switched on, the car almost rear-ended a stationary vehicle. The adaptive cruise control did not slow the car down quickly enough and when the driver applied the brakes, the car made a “lurch forward”, which made the situation even more dangerous. The manufacturer is also aware of this rough transition between ACC braking in the form of recuperation and brake takeover by the driver and an improvement is part of an update. See also the chapter on the brakes. The car came to a stop in good time in the situation described. The front assist system reported an advance warning in the display, which can also be found in the chapter on front assist.