Since my accident, 4 more vehicles have been added. The drivers here are also surprised at the entries in the accident data memory for the accelerator pedal of 100%.

The other 9 cases collected from the forums are almost all sudden accelerations when parking, so they differ greatly from my accident situation. What they all have in common is the contradiction between what they experienced and the accident data memory, especially for the brake and accelerator pedal. Some of the cases are from Austria and therefore cannot be reported to the german Kraftfahrtbundesamt (federal motor transport authority).

I was able to establish all contacts with similar experiences via the forum There are even more cases listed here, but in my article I will only go into the ones I was able to make contact with.

Sudden acceleration when parking

Accident while maneuvering in an underground car park

“Today my ID3 suddenly shot forward without pressing the accelerator pedal when parking, as you did, and crashed into a large stone. I’ve been driving an automatic for years. The accelerator pedal was actually not touched, it was pressed.
What happened to you, did the garage find a fault?”

Hello everyone
This phenomenon has already occurred 4 times with our ID3 Pure. Three times nothing happened, and once only an emergency stop helped. The fourth time, the car ended up in the bushes in front of it when parking. The emergency braking came too late, so that the car was only stopped by the bushes due to the rapid acceleration. The car has been at the local dealer since mid-November. The data has been read out, but the manufacturer can’t find anything. We went to the same dealer in the summer after it had already happened accident-free. Nothing was found there either, but a newer software version was installed.
The matter is now with a lawyer because the damage is over 2000 euros. I will pass on the cases described in this thread and also inform the lawyer. We have two ideas: 1. install a logger so that the data is saved immediately after an incident. 2. replace the accelerator pedal. Since it only happens when the steering wheel is turned to almost zero, there could be a false signal so that the car accelerates. Perhaps it only happens in a few vehicles if there is something wrong with the signaling of the accelerator pedal.
Otherwise, the ADAC may be able to help by putting pressure on the manufacturer to show that there is a massive safety problem here. If a pedestrian or cyclist is hit, it can end badly. It is better to find a sensible solution from the manufacturer beforehand!

Best regards Bernie”

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Accelerating when parking, accident consequences – parking independently