The request of state of affair of my fault announcement at the federal office for motor traffic (in german Kraftfahrbundesamt or KBA) leads always to the same response:

“Thank you for your message to the KBA, in which you request the current state of your fault announcement. We investigated this. Part of the investigation was a survey of the manufacturer. The manufacturer proved the available data. The diagnosis protocolls show that the gas pedal was pressed to full throttle, at the time of accident it was 100%.

Based on the available data we see no hints for a product fault, which would require further actions from the KBA within the scope of VO (EU) 2018/858.

For further technical information please reach out to the manufacturer.”

The accident data from the event data recorder is more reliable to them then the statements of the drivers. And the manufacturer has not even investigated the car as much as he could, you can find this in the chapter about the accident department.