The crash happened on a warm, sunny day in june, the street was dry. The day of the accident was 3.6.2023 at 14:16. One external influence, which could have effected the front camera, was the blazing sun. It was noticeable that after driving a longer distance and then resetting the target charge level to 80%, the car still charged to 100%, see also the chapter before the accident.

With Drive Mode B and all assistants active, but without ACC set to any value, I drove off the highway and approached the first intersection. Here, a car turned right in front of me, I stayed behind it and then only accelerated very slightly and then took my foot off the accelerator pedal completely. My car drove with the help of the creep function, i.e. it drove independently at 6 km/h.

There were already 3 vehicles at the intersection and the traffic light was red.

As already announced, I cannot make any statement about the subsequent activities I carried out in the car, as they contradict the information read from the accident data memory.

The result of the driving situation was that my vehicle pushed the 3 waiting vehicles, an SUV, a Multivan and a Sprinter, onto an intersection. After contact with the first vehicle, the car built up power and pushed it further into the vehicle in front of it and this into another. Then my vehicle stopped. According to the event data recorder, this was due to the driver putting the accelerator pedal to 100%.

This picture shows the condition of the vehicles after the accident. The Sprinter was pushed approx. 2 m over the stop line.