As already described, I drove up to the scene of the accident without accelerating. This is possible with my vehicle in Drive Mode B with the creep function. Excerpt from the manual:

This explains why the car moved forward even though no accelerator pedal was pressed. At the same time, it also shows that the processes coming from the drivetrain or the driver assistance systems are not mapped in any way in the accident data memory. This is where I see a significant gap in the ability to clarify accidents.

The values in the event data recorder

Shortly before the collision, the value of the accelerator pedal first goes to 30%, then to 90% and then 100%. This means that I should have mixed up the pedals for 1.5 seconds at an extremely slow speed. At the same time, the car hardly accelerated at all during this time, even though it has 150 kW. These values also have a lot in common with the other accidents. In all cases, the value 100% occurred exactly once at the time of the accident. Not twice, not even 97%, exactly 100% at the last entry. And why 100% only after 1.5 seconds, when I have mixed up the pedals and pressed them fully? With 30% of the wrong pedal you realize your mistake and there would have been 1 second left.

The accident data memory explicitly does not store the acceleration values set by the driver assistance systems but, according to the manufacturer, only the values requested by the driver via the accelerator pedal.

Similarities with the other vehicles

The last three entries of the accelerator pedal of the available accident data memories can all be mapped using this regression curve with a coefficient of determination of 0.8443. This means that they are all remarkably similar and have only minor statistical deviations:

Accelerator pedal tests

Tests carried out by me in a further session with my expert showed that the accelerator pedal position in my vehicle only ranges from 14.5% to approx. 87%. This means that there is at least one calibration so that the value range is mapped to 0 to 100%.