In addition to the data obtained from the accident data memory, there is also information about the accident from the diagnostic logs. Some of the assistants save their activation here as an error, e.g. the multi-collision brake has entries in the diagnostic log at the time of the accident:

It says multi-collision brake – crash data saved and the second point is multi-collision brake – triggered

In its statement on the non-intervention of the front assist, the manufacturer relies entirely on its stated system limits. The limits specified in the manual for the multicollision brake, on the other hand, do not appear to be a reason to consider the data from the accident data memory implausible, although they contradict the 100% accelerator pedal position:

Multicollision brake

The multicollision brake automatically initiates braking if a collision is detected by the airbag control unit in an accident situation. Prerequisite for automatic braking:

  • The driver does not depress the gas pedal pedal