The vehicles and their damage do not show a significant impact on the rearmost vehicle, which corresponds to an impact at full throttle and subsequent deceleration by the multicolission brake. Instead, the damage to me and the car in front is small and increases towards the front. My vehicle had the 150kW equipment variant, which according to the ADAC can reach 100km/h in 7.9 seconds and, according to the accident data memory, was driven at full throttle for almost 1 second. The damage to the vehicles is surprisingly low for this and is more in line with my perception of a collision at 6 km/h and subsequent acceleration.

In the picture white: my vehicle, in red an SUV, in orange the Multivan, in green the Sprinter.

The front of my vehicle is almost undamaged and in my opinion does not correspond to a full-throttle drive in 3 vehicles:

Here is the rear of the vehicle with the first contact, the SUV. Hardly any damage here either:

Here is the corresponding front. In my opinion, my vehicle built up power and pushed the car in front of me like a bumper into the other vehicles.

In front of the Multivan:

And the sprinter at the front